Planning Department Asks For Comment On Main Street Plan

City seeks comments on document by March 1.


The Woonsocket Planning Department's draft for rehabbing main street, which a handful of residents got a preview of Dec. 17, is available for download.

The ideas incorporated into the plan discussed in December include sidewalk cafes, converting one way streets to two-way, and a bike path for the downtown area along Truman Drive with a gradual ramp up to the Court Street Bridge.

The final plan presentation is scheduled for April 3, at 6 p.m. at a place to be determined. The deadline for comments on the plan is March 1.


Nelson Aldrich February 25, 2013 at 03:50 PM
They forgot to put pay air stations on the bike path.Could've called it economic development.
Memere February 25, 2013 at 07:40 PM
Sounds like a fairly good plan IF we could afford it. Woonsocket CANNOT afford this at this time especially with the Feds making even more cuts. Also, why would we be doing this to Main ST. when there are not many stores to attract customers to Main St and we are losing more stores in the Diamond Hill area all the time. Most taxpayers in Woonsocket will be severely hurt by the Budget Committees plan to raise our taxes. . Woonsocket CANNOT AFFORD TO SPEND MORE MONEY THAT WE DO NOT HAVE.
MJ February 26, 2013 at 03:31 PM
There has been discussions about what to do w/Main st for at least 20 yreas. I owned & operated an Antique & Collectibles Shop on Main street 15 yrs ago. Then they had planning boards & talks about improving Main St yet it's the same as it has been. When the city turns down permits for someone to open a shop on Main st, it's setting a negative attitude. A pawn shop/second hand license will not ruin Main st.. Let the people operate a business and the consumers will decide whether or not it will be a success. Like Memere states..."We cannot afford to spend more money that we don't have" We have to work with what we have and encourage small businesses to come to Main st.. We have no major store to attrack people so we would need to make it a destination location. Instead of having a handful of people research again & again what should or should not be on Main St., why don't we ask the residents of Woonsocket & near by communities what would bring them to Main St.? Get your local radio stations involved, have them ask the question. There are a lot of smart people out there w/smart ideas. Let them be heard and listen to their suggestions. We've opened Main St up to two way traffic, that's a good start, let's continue.
brendalee hartland mcgovern February 26, 2013 at 03:59 PM
They need to revisit this idea, new and fresh with new people and then put their plans into actions, all I have seen is a lot of talk in the city with very little action of any kind. it's like talking to a child that has a huge dream but doesn't know that a unicorn and glittery talking bears just don't exist. It's true they can't afford to spend money they don't have but if you bring in the right types of businesses, ones that pay their bills and taxes on time then it will be the best foot forward. They need to take a look at the other cities here in RI at what they are doing that works, and then reach out to neighboring states and see what they are doing..Lowering the city's business taxes would help.
Still Hope February 26, 2013 at 06:08 PM
I'm going to tell you the biggest crux of the Main St revitalization, there's 3: 1. The buildings are old as dirt. Why would a business move into these locations? If you are lucky to have heat, it costs ridiculous $ to run it. Making improvements is difficult. The layouts are outdated and odd. We already know each unit is a death trap, especially re: fire coding and fire control. The building owners are not willing to fix these things, and the City cannot make them. 2. Old folks home. You show me any town that has an elderly complex smack in the middle of there cultural/business district. It very effectively ends the Market Sq progress and begins the void. This building isn't going anywhere, so it needs to catered to. Find a way to get the fogies out of there home. Maybe put slot machines in NY Lunch. 3. City Hall et al. Why is it still there? Moving the registry was the best thing ever! (aside from now you have a weird old building left there) Now we need to relocate City Hall/Treasury/etc to a muni complex. Who the hell wants to drop off a $600 tax payment and then leisurely stroll the cafés? Nobody. City Hall is the bane of many people and they want to be in and out. This need to be moved to Clinton St area where parking is amazing. But now we are left with more vacant weird old buildings. But at least the tax payers won't need to spend $1M to heat the place. Critique on the planning board: relax on the bike paths! over 30 pages of bike plans.
MJ February 27, 2013 at 10:04 PM
The buildings on Main St. are as old as dirt, however the architecture is unique. With some fixing up, they could be spectacular. The store fronts with their large windows make wonderful displays. The area should be advertised as a up & coming revitalization, an asset to our community. We could have specialty shops, we have dance studios in the area, A shop selling leotards, tights & shoes. A deli similar to inside Dave's marketplace, we could grab a descent lunch or prepared dinner items to get on the way home. A remodeling/curtain shop would look great. A shop for all seasons, changing items, summer, fall, winter & spring decorations. There are so many great ideas for shops BUT We need to have the people wanting to come to Main St., Shops & Consumers, for an example, we have many employees @ city hall, make it so that they would want to browse (& hopefully make a purchase) these shops on their lunch hour, pick up some lunch & then come back on the weekends w/their families. Again, We have to advertise to let people know we are here. We've already lost a lot of good large stores on Diamond Hill Rd. Let's not let the whole city become a ghost town. Downtowns are still popular, look @ Attleboro, Ma., Putnam, Ct & Main St. East Greenwich, RI.


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