Museum of Work & Culture Hosts Talk On Glocester History Sunday

Hour long talk and film will take place in ITU Hall.


On Sunday, Feb. 24, The Museum of Work & Culture at 42 South Main St., in cooperation with the Blackstone Valley National Heritage Corridor Inc., will present the fourth in a series of Ranger Day Talks at 1:30 pm. entitled West of the Seven Mile Line – A History of Glocester, Episode 2, Part 1.

This episode is the second in a three-part series produced by Burrillville historians Carlo and Betty Mencucci. Episode 2 features some interesting and exciting stories of Glocester’s past. The film begins in the 1700s when gold was discovered in the Durfee Hill woods.

It tells the story of Betty the Learned Elephant and what happened to her the day she came to Chepachet in 1826.  You will feel the horror of the 1867 freshet that washed away the Chepachet Bridge and the 1907 fire that almost burned down the entire village.  During the Civil War many Glocester men volunteered and served their country on some of the bloodiest battlefields. The film examines the lives and careers of several Glocester soldiers.

You will also visit some early homesteads, old schoolhouses, and churches and meet some of Glocester’s notable people.  Episode 2 ends with the fun and excitement of Glocester’s first Old Home Day, their Trolley Day celebration and the annual Ancient and Horribles Parade. With beautiful videography, old photos, interviews and stunning aerial shots, the film reveals some of Glocester’s amazing history!

The one hour long Ranger Talks are held on Sundays at 1:30 p.m. in the
museum’s ITU Hall.  All talks are free and open to the public. 

Upcoming Ranger Talks:

March 10 -  Québec Cinéma: several short French films (with subtitles) will be presented.


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