How to Use the Woonsocket Patch Live Blog for Hurricane Irene

How the live blog can work for you throughout the oncoming storm.

Woonsocket Patch is teaming up with neighboring Patch sites to . Here's what to expect and how to join in:

  • You should see a headline on a story that has the words "Live Blog" in it; that will have a window at the top of the story page. In that window, you will see posts from Rhode Island Patches  and editors, plus Irene tweets, polls, photos, even video. 
  • The window is self-refreshing, so you don't need to reload the page to stay on top of the latest. As soon as there is a new post,  you will hear an audio notification — the sound of typing on a keyboard. You can turn these features off by clicking the speaker or circular button next to it.
  • Contribute! Comment; tell us what's happening in your neighborhood, vote on the polls, post a photo. Tell us how you're weathering in the storm. Have a question, or a tip? Post it! The storm is as much an experience for us as it is for you. All you have to do is type in a name (real names, please) your comment, and attach any photos with the paperclip icon. We will post another story soon with more details of how to contribute; especially how to post from your mobile phone.

Email video to sandra.phaneuf@patch.com. If it's too large, let me know and we can arrange something.


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