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1. Nominations are trickling in for the 25 Readers' Choice categories we've selected for Woonsocket. We have on our homepage a hub story that shows you all of the categories for which we're seeking nominations. From now until July 9, we need your help compiling a list of "best" places to put to a vote. Let's start with best burger. Click here and take a second to post a comment nominating the best place for pizza in Woonsocket.

2. The Rhode Island Water Resources Board kicked-off its 2012 “Slow the Flow” campaign, encouraging Rhode Island residents to follow simple watering guidelines this summer to keep lawns healthy while conserving water.

“Rhode Island has been fortunate in the rain department as of late, but as most people are aware, we had a very dry winter,” said Kenneth Burke, general manager of the Water Resources Board. “We want Rhode Islanders to know that one inch of water a week is all that’s needed to keep a lawn healthy—and our water supply sustainable.” 

Rhode Island residents can receive some extra assistance determining how much water their lawn is getting. By taking a simple “lawn watering IQ” quiz on its website, www.riwater.org, test-takers can receive a rain gauge for their effort.

“We wanted to make a fun and easy way for people to learn more about the guidelines, and also be able to have a “visual” of what an inch of water looks like,” said Burke.

3. It's going to be another scorcher today. Heed these tips to stay cool:

Draw blinds, shades, drapes – Close window dressings to block the sunlight during the hottest part of the day, especially on south and west-facing windows.

Adjust the thermostat  Adjusting your thermostat a few degrees can lead to big savings onyour bill.  

Use programmable thermostats  Use of programmable thermostats optimizes air conditioning systems, helping to boost energy savings. 

Change air conditioner settings and filter  The lower you set your temperature on your air conditioner, the more costly it is to operate. For example, a 75-degree setting will cost about 18 percent more than a 78 degree setting. Set the thermostat on your air conditioner as high as comfort will permit.  In addition, check your air conditioner filter and replace or clean it if it is clogged.

Turn off ceiling fans  Ceiling fans don’t actually cool your home; they only circulate air to make you feel cooler. Therefore, they are most effective when you’re home to enjoy the benefits. Turn them off when you’re not home and save energy in the process.

4. Before he went on vacation, Editor Rob Borkowski snapped some pictures of a local place. Do you know where it is? If so, let us know!

5. There's nothing wrong with wanting to be liked. It's only natural. So, won't you like us on Facebook? We have a mutually beneficial relationship with our Facebook fans. They like us, and that makes us happy. In turn, we provide information in addition to what you find here on the site.


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