Landmark's Cancer Program Wins Accreditation, Commendation

Medical center lauded for efforts improving patient care.


Landmark Medical Center has announced its cancer program was accredited for three years, with commendation, by the American College of Surgeons’ Commission on Cancer.

The accreditation means Landmark’s cancer program complied with all the commission’s standards and Landmark was also commended, for several reasons, including: complying with American Cancer Society CAP protocols; offering three or more prevention or early detection programs; having cancer registry staff who are Certified Tumor Registrars and staff who attend national cancer-related educational activities; and implementing and documenting more than two improvements each year that directly affect cancer patient care.

 “The accreditation is a testament to the hard work and dedication of staff in Landmark’s cancer program. We are very proud of our cancer program and committed to offering the best cancer care,” said Rick Charest, president of Landmark Medical Center and the Rehabilitation Hospital of Rhode Island. “Landmark has worked hard to bring the very best in today’s cancer treatment to Woonsocket and Northern Rhode Island and we believe the American College of Surgeons has recognized that.”

Landmark has made several improvements, including upgrading to digital mammography; expanding the patient navigation program; increasing staff in radiation oncology; and providing support groups sponsored by the Gloria Gemma Breast Cancer Resource Foundation. Landmark has also recruited a surgeon with a focus on strengthening Landmark’s breast cancer program. Landmark physicians and nurses regularly attend national cancer-related programs and educational staff programs at Landmark. The hospital also offers early detection programs in the form of community screenings for breast, colon or skin cancer. 

Prime Healthcare Services, which has been recognized among the top 15 health systems in the nation, has signed an asset purchase agreement to acquire Landmark and RHRI. Since signing the agreement, Prime Healthcare has flown several experts to Landmark to provide recommendations and guidance for improving hospital operations and has arranged for national experts to provide educational lectures to medical staff.  Although the acquisition must still be approved by the state, Prime Healthcare is currently upgrading Landmark’s entire cardiac monitoring telemetry system in advance of the agreement closure at a cost of approximately $850,000.

 “This accreditation is an achievement that both Landmark and Prime Healthcare can share,” Charest added. “We appreciate being recognized for the quality and comprehensive nature of our cancer program.” 

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