Cains Drops 'Midget' Name from Pickles thanks to Cranston Mom

Chelley Martinka, the mother of a baby with dwarfism, persuaded Cains to drop the name 'midget' from a variety of pickles after a campaign.

The Cranston mother of a child with dwarfism has compelled Cains to stop calling a variety of pickles it sells 'midgets' after a campaign that included a YouTube video and her blog.

Chelly Martinka is the mom of a 10-month old little person and said she was "shocked, appalled and hurt" when she saw a jar of pickles labeled "Kosher Dill Midgets" at a local Stop and Shop.

Her daughter, Adelaide Eileen Martinka was diagnosed with Achrondoplastia when she was nine-and-a-half weeks old. One in 40,000 births is of a child with dwarfism.

"I know that as times change it is hard for a company to keep up," Martinka said. "But for the equality of all children I hope you consider renaming this product for 2013.

Martinka said her little Adeline goes by many names. Addie, Bugga, little bit, "a long list of silly names."

But "one name I never want to hear is 'midget'."

The company that produces the pickles, Gedney Foods in Minnesota, responded by saying it would drop the word from their labels and would allow the remaining inventory of pickles to be sold out.

The company said it was "doing the right thing" in an e-mail statement but said it doesn't want media attention or recognition.

In the emotionally touching YouTube video, Martinka said she loves her little girl "without judgement" and appreciates the lessons that motherhood brings. 

One of those lessons is that "making changes is never an easy thing," she said. "Sometimes what is new is scary and expensive. My husband and I know both quite well. But sometimes what's hardest to achieve is the most rewarding in the end."

"I just want what is best of my child," she said. "A world where she is not slang on a label. A place where she is just Adelaide."

Bill Santagata February 20, 2013 at 03:59 PM
The word "midget" is almost exclusively associated as a derogatory term for a little person in a way that "little," "small," "mini," etc. are not (which have much wider uses). Is it the biggest deal in the world if a company sells "midget pickles"? No. But I can understand why Cains dropped the name. From a purely marketing standpoint, "midget" isn't exactly the most attractive word in the world. "Midget pickles" really doesn't sound all that appealing as a product name.
1866Umidget February 23, 2013 at 03:43 AM
dwarfs and little people are upset and rightly so. in the interest of political correctness, Classic Pickles has renamed their sweet midget gherkin pickles to be "Little People Pickles." press release here: http://classicpickles.com/
Small Change February 23, 2013 at 04:21 AM
Perhaps she had better head down to the Seekonk Speedway next-. Though I'm going ot guess that 'midget racing' isn't exactly what it sounds like. And, seriously, I don't think that 'midget' generally carries a derogatory connotation, this being just one example. <<<Seekonk Speedway= Most weekly programs are composed of Seekonk's four regular divisions: Pro Stock, Late Model, Sport Truck, and Street Stock. In addition to the staple series, a variety of touring series visit the speedway. The Valenti Auto Mall Modified Racing Series, ==NorthEastern Midget Association,== Pro 4 Modifieds of New England, and Pro All Stars Series all have events on the Seekonk calendar, with the former three visiting on multiple occasions.>>>>
Misty H. March 15, 2013 at 04:43 PM
This chick needs to get over herself. It's OK for her to call her kid "little bit" but a company can't call their pickles midget? How do pickles have any impact on her kid in the first freakin place? I swear this world is getting too soft. Have to step on eggshells to avoid offending anybody in any way. "I don't want to learn how to deal with that word, so you aren't allowed to use it anymore."
KJohnson March 16, 2013 at 07:59 PM
So will they be called "little-people pickles" now? Because that is just disturbing. Secondly, I think this mother needs a nice swift kick to the throat.


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