Son of Former Russian Leader Khrushchev to Address Ukraine Crisis

Sergi Khrushchev, son of former Soviet leader Nikita Krushchev, is a Cranston resident and retired from Brown University.

The son of the man who gave transferred Crimea to Ukriane in 1954 will discuss his father, Ukraine's economic and political history within the Soviet Union and the subsequent collapse of the U.S.S.R. at Bryant University in Smithfield on Tuesday.

Sergi Khrushchev will speak in the Papitto Dining Room of the Fisher Student Center at the Bryant University Campus at 1150 Douglas Turnpike in Smithfield. The discussion begins at 7:30 p.m.

Krushchev came to the United States with his wife in 1991 and became a citizen in 1991. He has lived in Cranston for 25 years and is retired from Brown University.

Krushchev's father was general secretary of the Soviet Union's Communist Party and led it during the earlier part of the Cold War. He is recognized for ushering in reforms and the de-Stalinization of the country. He died in 1971.

Sergi Khrushchev will share personal anecdotes and reflections on his father's rule and shed light on the current turmoil between Ukraine and Russia over Crimea.


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