Family Hair Care

It shouldn't cost a fortune to have your hair cut, styled or colored. The following is a list of local hair salons and comparable prices for the whole family.

When the warm weather arrives, I generally like to make an appointment with my favorite salon in order to have my hair lightened. Unfortunately, for the past few years I've been unable to do this due to a distinct lack of funds. A new hairstyle, cut or trim, or more specifically a rinse, highlighting procedure or color treatment can cost a fortune, and those funds can be especially important if you've got a big family.

I recently noticed an advertisement for a sale on "highlights" at one of the local hair salons, and I decided to compare it to the prices at other local salons. The sale was a good one, though I was able to locate one other salon which beat the price.  All in all, however, I found the prices for kids wash and cut, adult wash and cut, and other such services much lower than I anticipated, and certainly lower than what I had been paying when I lived in South County (Narragansett.)

One of the more well known local salons is "Best Cuts," which is accessible at two convenient locations - in The Lincoln Mall Plaza on Route 116, and in the Wal-Mart Plaza at 1910 Diamond Hill Rd. right here in Woonsocket. charges only $10.95 for kids cuts, and $13.50 for adults (add $3.00 for wash and dry.) Also, for the month of August, Best Cuts is offering a great deal on highlights for both women, men and children. It costs $25 for seven foils, $35 for 14, and $45 for 21 foils. You might not think seven foils makes a big difference, but it really does. The highlights can make it look like your hair has been kissed by the sun creating a pleasant, small change for someone desiring something new.

Another local salon offering great prices is "Smart Style" Salon, located right inside Wal- Mart on Diamond Hill Road. Here, kids cuts cost a mere $10.95; adults $15.95, and this price includes wash and dry. Also, Smart Style offers a full head of highlights for only $45.95. That's an even better deal than Best Cuts.

"," located at 719 Front St. in Woonsocket charges only $10 for kids - including wash & dry, and $18 for adults, including wash & dry. These are also very affordable prices.

The final two salons I researched were a little more expensive. , located at 1098 Social St, charges $15 for both kids and adults, as does Style Barber, located at 1079 Social St. In both cases the fee does not include a wash and dry.  Personally, I'd select from the top three. Why spend more than you have to? Keep in mind...none of the prices listed above include the tip!!

jkr August 03, 2011 at 11:43 AM
Add the Family Hair Co., 1500 Diamond Hill Road, in the plaza with Sears and Savers. Prices are about the same as Best Cuts--from memory, I think it's $13 for adult wash-and-cut and $32 for color-and-cut--and I've been going there even after moving out of Woonsocket, because they do a good job.
Kari L August 04, 2011 at 07:51 PM
family hair care is the cheapest and best..I have been going there for years.


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