Chilling in Woonsocket: Digging Out

Victor Torres shoveling the walk outside Ocean Cafe. CREDIT: Rob Borkowski
Victor Torres shoveling the walk outside Ocean Cafe. CREDIT: Rob Borkowski
Roads in Woonsocket were drive-able, with care, Friday after the storm, and locals were out in force shoveling the snow or playing in it, or both.

On Social Street, Main Street and Court Street, as with most streets in the city today, a thin layer of snow remained on the cleared road. Pedestrians throughout the city shared the roads with cars and trucks, with little choice in the matter, as sidewalks were largely uncleared.  

On Main Street, Victor Torres was shoveling the walk outside Ocean Cafe. He wasn't working for the owner, he said, just "Doing a favor for them," and trying to stay warm.

On Harris Avenue, Elijah Marcotte, owner of Wicked Good Ice Cream, was using a snowblower to clear his walk. He said it was very cold, despite his bundles, hooded coat, face mask and goggles. 
Have a look at these scenes of Woonsocket citizens digging out after the snowstorm, and check back tomorrow for a sledding gallery. 

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Mew January 04, 2014 at 07:28 PM
this cleanup is awful, I don't know about other side streets, Linden aVE. IS A REAL MESS!!! THIS IS NOT A CREW RUN BY Mr Annarumo sp?. When he was in charge the roads were really cleaned up, If this is an example of the Baldelli Hunt Adm. it really stinks so far!!
Matthew Desilets January 04, 2014 at 07:42 PM
The roads in Fairmount were cleaned better and more frequently this storm than any other storm since I moved 5 years ago. I was amazed to see drivable roads, we usually have to wait half way through the following day. that being said though it did appear that there was a lack of sanding but I'm going to assume that was due to lack of funds and try to focus on what they did right.
Still Hope January 05, 2014 at 01:10 PM
Plowing has a specific method. For instance, while it is still snowing you will not see a plow take it down to the pavement. If they did, it has the potential to ice up under the newly fallen snow. Imagine an ice rink covered by powder. Likewise, you cannot just dump sand on the bare pavement since it will get plowed away on the next pass. Plus the salt and sand eats away at the roadway and adjacent lawns and waterways. So the less sand, the better. Looking out my window now, I see dry pavement from curb to curb. Works for me.


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