He Is Not Dead Yet! Auditions for Spamalot

Spamalot at the Stadium Theater in October!
Spamalot at the Stadium Theater in October!
Anyone who knows Spamlot, the Broadway musical lovingly ripped off from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, should recognize this entry's title as a play on the lyrics sung by Not Dead Fred in the show's "Bring Out Your Dead!" scene.  I bring this up because last night I auditioned in Woonsocket for the upcoming production of Spamalot to be put up by the The Encore Repertory Company at the Stadium Theater.  After a year of producing, editing, and hosting Milford Performs, I decided to get back to a bit of fun for myself with a musical that I saw on Broadway in 2006 based on a movie I saw in its first run in 1975 (has it really been that long?).

I flubbed one line from my audition song I'm All Alone from the show but quickly recovered, only to realized that I was off track with the accompanist (I was probably rushing) and the director cut me off just before the end of the song, saying that he had heard enough.  Whenever that happens, I always wonder if the audition committee really had heard enough (I was also the first to audition so maybe they thought they needed to save time), or was I really that awful that they could not stand it anymore?  If you are a director or producer who is reading this, please let me know what you mean when you stop a singer from finishing his piece.  I don't think I was awful, at least until we got to the tap dance audition.  You'd think for all of the money I have poured into dance lessons for my daughters over the years that some dance ability would rub off on me, but noooo!

Auditions conclude tonight.  I don't expect to be in the cast but I will at least be in the audience when the show goes on in October!


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